Adventures in List Making

Today is one of those days where the possibilities are overwhelming.  There are so many things I want to do that, instead of doing any of them, I’m opting to do nothing.  This is unacceptable.  So.  A list of things, starting with things that need to get done and continuing down to things that I might want to do:

1. pick up Brycee’s (my cat) food.

2. pick up medications from store.

3. return library items

4. find out what kind of plants attract hummingbirds and set about obtaining one

5. decide what I want to get my dad for his birthday

6. get a belt for my Black Widow costume

7. go to the used bookstore

8. walk by the beach

9. swim

10. go for a walk

I think 10 is a good number.  I wish I had a bike.  If I had a bike, I could ride it and accomplish several of these items.  It’d take longer, but I have the time.  Maybe I should add “look at bikes” to the list.

What are your items to be accomplished, world?


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