I am very proud of myself!  I wrote over 2,000 words on Dark Goddess.  I now have the pleasure of rewriting my favorite scene, which should go quickly.  Should, except I’ll be down at my parents, and then Comic Con, so we’ll see how much work I get done on the novel.  Still, the ice is broken and I’m plunging ahead.

Speaking of plunging, I went swimming yesterday.  I love swimming.  It’s one of those things I don’t do often enough, especially considering I live right next to the pool.  I let myself get bogged down with details like sun block and other people in the pool and things that take me away from something I love doing.  I do that way too much.

When I was a kid, my grandmother had a pool in her backyard.  My mom took us (my brother, sister, and me) there at least once a week.  Sometimes my cousins came, sometimes it was just us.  We could spend all day in the pool.

When I was in eighth grade, there was  a story in our reading anthology about two girls who swam competitively. I thought that sounded so much fun, so I asked my mom if I could try.  We found a local swim team, and there I was.  I was good.  Not the best, and the best girls were bullies.  It got really bad after a few months, so I quit.  That wasn’t the only reason.  I was also going into high school, and I was on the band, so I had band practice.  I continued swimming in high school for the next two years.

My favorite strokes are breast and fly.  My best strokes are breast and free.  I don’t like the backstroke.  If God had wanted us to swim on our backs, he would have put our arms on the other way.  One of my races was the 200 Individual Medley.  The order of the strokes is fly, back, breast, free.  I’d be up with the top racers during the fly, then fall almost to last place on back.  But, I’d catch up on breast and usually make second or third by the end of the race.  Occasionally, I was first.  But I think of how much better a swimmer I’d be if I had gotten proper instruction on how to do the backstroke.  Sadly, the coaches (young and middle aged men) liked the popular girls more than me, so they didn’t do their job and coach me.  C’est la vi.

I still love swimming.  I never feel as powerful or graceful as I do when I’m in the water.  I’m more comfortable with my body and with myself.  If I swam every day, or at least more often, I wonder if that comfort would translate.

I’ve never written a poem about swimming.  I started one yesterday, but it’s a little cliche.  But, it’s writing, so, here it is:

Gliding through the cool water

arms pulling my body

I feel light and graceful

as I never do on land.

I dive below the surface

and the world fades

muffled, muted

That’s all I have so far.  But, at least I have a long drive ahead of me to think on it.


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July 13, 2013 · 2:17 pm

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