Tree Climbing at the beach

Today, I climbed a tree. I didn’t climb very high, but the tree wasn’t very high. It was, however, almost perfect for sitting and reading. I think I shall go back and do that again.

I also went down to the beach and stuck my feet in. I want to stick my whole body in. The water is incredibly cold here, but I don’t think it’s any colder than where I used to live. At least, it didn’t feel like it. So, next week, before kayaking (aka before my paycheck and having money for kayaking) I may try it. Maybe.

I miss swimming in the ocean
even though it’s dirty and full of
whale sperm.
I miss the sharp sting of
salt on my skin.
The tang in my mouth and
how it lingers in my hair.
I miss the excitement of how at
any moment I might be
swept away
out of control
tossed and flung and spun
at will.
But I trusted it
a little
I trusted me
a bit.
I was more at home there
than I felt on land.
A displaced mermaid
born for the sea
wanting to return but
I can’t stand the cold,
the bitter bite and the
frozen toes.
Plus, I’m a little appalled by all
the whale sperm.

View from the tree

View from the tree







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