I wrote today! I got to transcribe one of my favorite scenes from my novel, and there weren’t many changes that I had to make to it. Mostly, I fiddled with the sentences, little nitty gritty things, nothing to the actual dialogue or plot.

So, here’s a tiny bit from the chapter I was writing. It’s a flashback where Kali, the main character (and a vampire) and her friend/possible paramour, Father Garrison Pike, are taking a walk through the village during a May Day celebration in 1862.

“I was created through the darkest of men’s desires. The lust for power. For dominance. For the strong to destroy the weak. First, they took my village. They ravaged the people who had taken me in, the only survivor of a terrible plague They took me in as one of their own, and they were destroyed.

“I tried to protect the life of that village. The children. And, when I failed, I was punished. Not by my family, but by their conquerors. My village turned me into a vessel of mercy. Their conquerors turned me into a weapon of vengeance.”

“My lady…”

She turned to him. Opened haunted eyes. “I destroyed them. Them and so many others. In the Hindu religion there is a goddess whose name I share. She wears a belt of hands around her waist and a necklace of skulls. She bathes in the blood of her victims. I did all that. I killed, so many, so wantonly. I was mindless with the need for vengeance.”

“They deserved it.”

“Did their wives and children deserve it?” She smiled, but it was empty. “I became them.”

“You’ve changed. You told me…”

“I have. The fire of vengeance eventually burned out. But I am always a goddess of death. Even when I create, I must kill.”

He shook his head. “I don’t understand. You are mother to your children. Your Followers.”

“And, like all children, some of them are determined to destroy all that their parents believe in,” she said, a note of weariness in her voice. “I long to create something pure.”


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