I have written and rewritten the beginning of my novel so many times, I cannot stand reading it anymore. Not that I think it’s bad. I just have no idea if it’s good. The rest of it, yes, I’m happy with. But beginnings, man. Beginnings are hard.

Dark Goddess, chapter 1

Kali Johnson’s skin started to prickle the moment the stranger sat in the empty seat next to her. The movie theater was nearly devoid of people, and yet he had chosen to sit next to her. She clenched her jaw and tried to decide if she should turn and glare at him, ignore him, or just move. There were a couple of white haired old women sitting a few rows down. She could go sit near them. Maybe the pervert would leave her alone.

Deciding that it would be the easiest course, Kali slipped her purse strap over her shoulder and started to rise.

The man grabbed her wrist, his grip bruising. “I have a gun,” he said in a voice just loud enough for Kali to hear him over the previews. “Do as I say and you won’t get hurt.”

She pulled against his grip. “Let go of my arm.”

He tugged her back down to the seat and shoved up the armrest between them. Moving closer to her, her leaned in. “I am very serious. I have a gun in my hand. Come with me now, and no one gets hurt.”

She was about to push him away when she felt it. Hard and bruising against her side through her shirt and his jacket.

Her protest died in her throat. Sweat broke out on her temples and palms and her breath was very loud in her ears.

She nodded.

(Obviously, not the whole chapter, just the opening lines. If anyone wants the rest, drop me a comment)


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