Tell it to Cap

First graders love to tattle. Of course they do. They like the attention it gives them, they like it when people follow the rules, and they like everyone to know that they know what the rules are. What better way than to let adults know when someone doesn’t follow the rules?

I hate tattling. I. Hate. Tattling. I mean, everyone does. I’ve never met a teacher or parent who was like, “Oh, I love it when kids tattle.” No one likes it. Except the ones tattling.

Every year, I make a chart with the kids about tattling vs. reporting. We review it several times a year, often remaking it. We do role plays. I’ve had a tattle box (or a problem box).

This year, I’ve decided that, in addition to all that, I’m going to bring in my Captain America plus doll (because he’s really not doing me any good at home) and give the kids the option: they can write down the problem and stick it in the box, or they can tell it to Cap. Because Captain America will always listen and always be on their side. Because he’s Captain America and that’s what he does. Plus, it suits me better than a tattling turtle (and I don’t have to spend any money) and, unlike Kung-fu Monkey (who I’ve had since way before the Kung-fu Panda movie), Cap does not make annoying monkey sounds.

He’s the perfect man. And, with any luck, he’ll help me out with the tattling.



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