I had this dream and I’ve been trying to put it together. I know dreams don’t have to make sense or have coherency, but this was so close.

Anyway. I know it was set off because someone online was super-dismissive of the theory that Hook (from OuAT) is Peter Pan all grown up. Now, for awhile, I’ve been into the idea that Neverland is cyclical in some ways and either a) everything stays the same until a new outsider comes in and sets the story in motion (like Wendy) or, b) Peter always grows up and becomes Hook and a new kid somehow gets to Neverland and it begins all again. I don’t know, exactly, how it’d work, but… yeah. (I’ve also got a theory bouncing around that time is super fluid and things exist simultaneously, so Peter and Hook are the same beings at different times of their life and Wendy is also the old lady with the hooked nose mentioned in the book. I’ve got a lot of Neverland theories, actually).

Anyway. So, the dream took place in London. I think Peter Pan was some kind of vampire like creature and he lured imaginative, dreamy little girls (like Wendy in the original) and drained them of their youth/imagination so he could stay young. He’d take them to this tower-thing that was many stories tall and had a stair case that led up very high (kind of like the Tardis staircase in the Christmas special). He’d point out Neverland, kill the girl, drop the corpse, and fly off. But, for some reason, Wendy was too practical and scientifically driven and Peter couldn’t kill her. Instead, he got stuck on Earth and grew up. And then Hook was an inspector or something (still played by Jason Issacs because, otherwise, what’s the point) and he was investigating the unsolved deaths of all these girls. He found out there was a connection to Wendy, only when he got her to the tower, she fell into a coma because she started to remember.

Unfortunately, I was Wendy right then, so I slipped into that super-heavy part sleep/part awake where I was kind of paralyzed and things got weird and uncomfortable. I woke up exhausted.

This is the problem of halving my dose of Ambien: it’s usually easier to wake up in the morning, but my dreams are more vivid (and I get more night sweats).

Anyway. I feel like there’s a story in all this. I am (sort of) writing a Wendy story, but this one might be good, too.


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