Soundtrack Sunday

In an effort to encourage myself to write more regularly, I’m going to try doing some weekly themes. Since I like alliteration, I’ll start with Soundtrack Sunday, where I write about some of my favorite soundtracks.

Today I want to talk about what is probably my favorite soundtrack (well, soundtracks) of all time, Pirates of the Caribbean.

I’ve always been drawn to pirates in general and have loved pirate movies. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland, so when I found out they were making a movie of the ride, I thought, “What a stupid idea.” So, of course I went to Downtown Disney to see it opening night.

As we now know, the movie was spectacular and got everything right. And, right away, I knew I needed the music, which complemented the action perfectly.

One thing I like about the soundtrack from the first movie is that it’s basically the same thing played over and over again. It’s mixed up in various ways, but, seriously, it’s track after track of the same theme. And, since I love that theme, I love the soundtrack. There is something so exciting about it, and that light, happy violin (I think it’s a violin; could be a viola, I guess) that carries throughout the movie is lovely:

Curse of the Black Pearl was scored by Klaus Badelt. Hans Zimmer took over for the next two movies. I’ve always really liked Hans Zimmer’s scores, and I loved his POTC music, especially At World’s End

However, before I get to my favorite two songs from AWE, I have to point out the brillaince that is Two Hornpipes from Dead Man’s Chest

I love Celtic music and Irish jigs, and this reminds me of that type of music.

Up Is Down is probably my favorite track out of all three soundtracks. I like the urgency of it, the heavy back beat that’s overlaid by the light and lyrical main theme. This is one of those songs I always get excited when I hear it.

I Don’t Think Now is the Best Time is my second favorite from the soundtrack. It’s sweeping, it’s epic,and it always puts me right onto the Black Pearl, with the rain driving, monsters coming at me from all sides, and Barbossa, in all his bombastic glory, marrying Will and Elizabeth on the deck. There are so many parts, and it builds all so beautifully. At absolutely no time am I ever tempted to run around my house, pretending to sword fight while listening.

And, to end with, here is Drink Up Me Hearties, which does an amazing job of capturing the essence of Jack Sparrow’s drunkenness, sense of adventure, and desire to see what’s over the horizon.


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