Tuesday Ten

This week, I’ll list ten fictional characters I’d like to hang out with.

1.Elizabeth Bennet: Elizabeth is smart, witty, playful, and well read.  I figure we could hang out, drink hot beverages, and talk about books (although, the chances of us having read the same books are… not all that good).  We could also people watch.  She’d make funny remarks about ridiculous people and I’d laugh.  We’d have a good time.


2. Joe Ledger (Patient Zero) – He could teach me how to shoot a gun and chop off a zombi’s head with the blade from a paper cutting board.  It’d be awesome.


3. Nico di Angelo (Heroes of Olympus); I don’t really know what we’d do.  Talk about how much is sucks to be different?  Since On My Own?  Discuss sexuality and how confusing it is?  I just like him and want to hang out with him, okay?


(This is not actually a picture of Nico.  I found it via Google.  Image is made by SeaweedBrainP and since I will generally accept Asa Butterfield in the roll of anything, I approve.)

4. Will Graham (Red Dragon or Hannibal)  We’d go fishing or hiking or play with his dogs.  We wouldn’t talk about anything too emotional, just hang out and detox. We would never make eye contact and avoid eating anything we didn’t see die and cooked in front of us


5. Clarice Starling  (Silence of the Lambs).  She could teach me how to be brave.


6. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter ): We could be ourselves together.


7. Ella of Frell:  I’m mainly thinking of the bookverse Ella, not the movie verse (although, if she looks like Anne Hathaway, I won’t complain).  She just seems like she’d be fun to know.


8. Puck (Midsummer Night’s Dream but I’m thinking of the version fro Gargoyles): We could play (harmless and funny) tricks on people.  And then we could make-out.


9. Wendy Darling (Peter Pan): I think she grew up to be a writer and an adventurer.  I actually am trying to write a book about her when she grew up.  Anyway, again, hot beverages would be involved.  Maybe some tree climbing.  A lot of talking.


10. (Star Trek):  Travel the universe, see the cosmos, run across the face of a star.  And make out.


I like how I just sort of petered out on the things we’d do.  But coming up with things is hard.  Mostly, I just want to get to know the character.  Obviously, we’d be best friends, all of us, so there’d be no shortage of things to talk about.

So.  What fictional character would you like to hang out with?


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