Friday Favs- Tricksters

It’s gotta be Friday somewhere, right? And, if not somewhere, some time. So, let’s pretend I got this up yesterday.

Today I wanted to write about my love of Tricksters. Last week I wrote how Steve Rogers is my favorite superhero because I love characters who do good things because it’s the right thing to do. And that’s true. But I also like characters who do all kind of things because it’s the fun thing to do.

I’m not so much interested in characters who play pranks on others for no reason. I like a trickster to have a reason behind his trickery. Righting and injustice or getting revenge. Tricksters are the characters who question the status quo, forge their own way, and do what is best for them. They can be selfish and cruel, but the best tricksters also have heart and compassion, at least for someone.

I prefer tricksters who aren’t totally evil. I love it when a trickster is gradually brought over to the hero’s side, even if he never fully belongs.

I wish there were more female tricksters. The only ones I could think of was Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph and Dot from Anamaniacs. Other than that, I can’t really think of any, which is a shame. I want to play one one day. I tried, once, with a character called the Fixer in Adding Machine and… I don’t think it turned out very well. Ah well.

Some of my favorite tricksters:

q degja q
Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation (and other versions). He is probably the first character I think of when I think of tricksters. And his journey through the series, from straight out antagonist to playful spirit guide and, finally, judge on the side of humanity, will always remain a favorite. I only wish that the book Q-Squared by Peter David could have been made into an episode (or movie), as it remains my favorite Q-story ever.

(Also, since I’m watching it right now, I guess Vash from Captain’s Holiday and Q-Pid is a bit of a tricksters.)

puck again
Puck. Again, this is from Gargoyles, but I like all Pucks. I want to play Puck.

Clopin Trouillefou. He actually acts as to of my favorite literary devices: narrator and trickster. I have a weakness for characters who are both part of the story and apart from it at the same time.

Captain Jack Sparrow. (Although he is not my favorite character in the movie. That part is taken by Commodore Norrington, a man who does what is expected of him until that expectation grows intolerable. And Elizabeth.


The Trickster, aka the archangel Gabriel, from Supernatural. He was already my favorite “monster” after Tall Tales and Mystery Spot but then the reveal of his true nature cemented my eternal love for him.

Tink could be said to function as a trickster. Not a major one, like Peter Pan is, but she has qualities in her own right. And I do love her.

Loki-submitted by miriyy
Loki. Despite my initial ambivalence over Thor, the minute I saw Loki in the preview, I knew that I had to see the movie because that, right there, was going to be my favorite character. I honestly didn’t expect him to have as much of a role as he did (I hadn’t read any of the comics), but I was happy. My hope for the future is he returns to a more neutral stance and less of a villainous one.

Who are some of your favorite tricksters (or, who am I missing?)


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