Yay! It’s Winter Break

I made it, kicking and screaming, through the first 82 days of school and shall now reward myself with three weeks off.


I read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to them today.  Boy Child excitedly cried out that the book had a lot of rhyming words.  He then spent the rest of the day explaining to anyone that would listen that “turned” and “jerk” rhymed.


Oh.  So close.


We ran out of time to put our letters to Santa or their parents into envelopes to mail. (Also, I forgot to buy envelopes).  I handed the letters back to them at the end of the day and told them they’d have to give them to their parents to mail to Santa.  “But, teacher!  How will they know where to send it?”

“Don’t worry.  Your parents have Santa’s address.  They’ll know where it goes.”

And now: sleeping and reading.  I’m four books behind my yearly goal (52) and need to catch up.


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