My Favorite NON-DISNEY Animated Movies

Or, rather, thatonegeekgirl is bored did this and I’m lazy so I’m copying her.  (In my defense, the week before winter break is stressful; so is the week after Thanksgiving.  There was one week that would have not been stressful, but that’s the week my tooth went insane, so it ended up being stressful.  Three weeks of stress = exhausted me).


So.  Favorite non-disney animated movies.



I don’t know who came up with the idea to do this movie or why they thought it’d be a good idea (I mean, let’s face it; this was based on a real life tragedy with real life people, and then candy coated and songified) but, despite all that, I really enjoyed this movie.  The Rasputin parts are… questionable (although I will always cherish the memory of my baby sister laughing uncontrollably during his song) but the rest of the music is really good and the voice casting is fantastic.  Plus, I always like it when a princess rescues herself.

an american tail

Jewish mice flee to America, where their are no cats.  Except, their are.  Love the music, love the story, love everything.

despicable me

I never expected to like this movie as much as I did, but it completely charmed me over.  The little girls were adorable, the minions were hilarious, and it was surprisingly heartwarming.  The “One Big Unicorn” story makes me tear up.


I love stories where a ne’er-do well is forced to grow up quickly and assume a huge responsibility.  This has that, plus beautiful animation and gorgeous songs.  Plus, God sounds like Val Kilmer, which seems about right to me.

Honorable Mentions:

Rise of the Guardians, Iron Giant, Madagascar (if only for the penguins, Julien, and Mort)


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