Soundtrack Sunday – Peter Pan (2003)


2003’s version of Peter Pan is notable for quite a few reasons:

1. A fantastically written Wendy Darling.


2. Really conveying what it feels like to be an 11 year old girl on the cusp of puberty.

hook and wendy normal_PeterPan20030157 normal_PeterPan20030690

3. Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook.


4. A beautiful score.

The score was composed by James Newton Howard, (who recently composed the soundtrack for The Hunger Games, which is another one of my favorites.)  The score is full of fantasy and flight, perfectly suited for a movie about fantasy and flight.  The main theme is often used in commercials for Disney vacations, because a Disney vacation is magical and what better to convey that than something that sounds like fairies dancing?




This is one of my favorite parts.  It’s just so joyous and free.  It makes me want to cry while I’m grinning like a fool.


Fairy Dance


Please Don’t Die

the kiss

kiss result

Peter Returns

Now, I really want to watch this movie again.

(screencaps from )


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