Christmas Movies/Specials I like

So, I spent Monday driving from my place to my parents, which took all day, and Tuesday I was reading, so I forgot my list.  So, in the spirit of Christmas, a list of Christmas Specials or Movies I like.

1. Smurf’s Christmas Special

Granted, I haven’t watched this since I was little, but my family sings the main song Goodness Makes the Badness Go Away and it has one of my favorite tropes, which is when the heroes and their regular antagonist (in this case Gargamel) have to work together to defeat an even badder bad (the Stranger, who was voiced by Rene Auberjonois!!!  Who knew?)  So, yes, I have fond memories of this show.

smurfs smurfs-christmas-special-1982-evil-man-fire

2. The Christmas Toy

So, as much as I like this movie, it also traumatized my brother and me as children.  See, the premise of it is that toys come alive and play while the humans are away.  However, if a toy is caught in a different place than they were put, the toy dies.  So, I’ve spent my entire life trying to make sure I never accidentally walked in or noticed any toy in a different place than before.  (It also made watching Toy Story the first time a stressful experience.)


3. The Santa Clause

Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.  Also, the kids playing elves in this movie are amazing.

santa and elf MV5BNDY4MjgyNTk3Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTg1NTUxMQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_ Bernard-Santa_Clause

Mr. Universe!!

4. Santa Claus

I’ll just take the IMBD summary for this one:

The first half of this film, set hundreds of years ago, shows how the old man who eventually became Santa Claus was given immortality and chosen to deliver toys to all the children of the world. The second half moves into the modern era, in which Patch, the head elf, strikes out on his own and falls in with an evil toy manufacturer who wants to corner the market and eliminate Santa Claus.

John Lithgow is the villain in this, Dudley Moore is Patch and David Huddlestone is Santa.  I really liked the little girl in the movie.

santa clause SantaClaus3

the santa clause movie

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon)

I like the book, too. 🙂


6. While You Were Sleeping

It’s not a traditional Christmas movie, and if you think about it, the whole premise is creepy, but the actors are good and the movie is charming.

While_You_Were_Sleeping_134 While_You_Were_Sleeping_463

7. Kiss Kiss, Bang, Bang

This was what I was going to write about for Movie Monday.  This is the movie that made me really like Robert Downey Jr.  I never disliked him, but he is so good in this movie, just so raw and real, it clinched it for me.  This is done by the same director as Iron Man 3, which is why I spent so much of IM3 going, “Why is this so much like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang?”  Also, Val Kilmer is in it and awesome.

8. Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Snowmen.

This is one of the few Doctor Who Christmas specials that didn’t rip out your heart, stomp on it, and spit on it.  I really liked Clara in it, plus Madam Vastra and Jenny.

9. Futurama Holiday Spectacular

I like all three (x-mas, Robanukah, and Kwanzaa) but I especially like X-Mas because it takes the song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” to the extreme it should be at (He sees you when you’re sleeping; he knows when you’re awake.  Santa is creepy, dude).

10. Die Hard

It’s cliche and overdone now, but I really do like watching Die Hard on Christmas.  Now I have a machine gun: Ho.  Ho.  Ho.

Merry Christmas.


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