Favorite Movies of 2013

In  no way do I claim any of these movies are the best of 2013.  They are simply the ones I really enjoyed.  The only order is the order that the computer chose to put them in.


Catching Fire is my favorite of the Hunger Games trilogy.  I was really pleased with how it transferred to screen.  I’ve been so busy, I’ve only seen it once, but I can’t wait to go see it again.


Frozen-movie-poster - Copy

I went into Frozen knowing only that it was based on The Snow Queen and it was about sisters.  I found the movie charming and fun.  I liked the songs, especially Let It Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman.

iron man 3

I love when heroes are vulnerable and hurt.  Seeing Tony Stark stripped down and forced to remember  who he really was (a guy who built an arc reactor from a box of scraps in a cave) was great.  I loved the set up of the movie (so much like one of my favorite movies Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) and I enjoyed the character interactions (the little boy was really great).


I thought it’d be impossible to top Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh’s Beatrice and Benedick, but Alexis Densinof and Amy Acker did a great job, mostly by making the characters their own and not trying to imitate any others.  I really liked Sean Maher as Don John and wish he had more to do, and I wish that I didn’t hate Claudio so much, but that’s just a flaw with the play, not the movie or actors.


I know this came out ages ago, and I’ve seen it before, but I forgot how good it is.  Jodie Foster was just amazing and the whole movie is note perfect.

star trek into darkness

This wasn’t quite the Star Trek I know and love, but I really enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance.  He got me really excited about acting (which should have been nearly impossible, as I’d just gotten out of rehearsal and was exhausted) and wanting to become a better actor.


Loki 2: It’s all About Loki was really good.  Actually, to give credit where due. I really like how much Thor’s character has evolved and matured since the first movie and Chris Hemsworth did a good job showing a sadder but wiser Thor.


I think the best part of this charming movie is the relationship between R (Nick Hoult) and M (Rod Corddry) and wish there had been more of that in the movie.  But as a zombie romance movie, this one hit all the right notes.  And the soundtrack is great.


I saw this movie yesterday, and I think it does what any movie about an author and her book should do: make me want to learn more about the author and her book.  Which I do.  So, good on this movie.

1370984305_the-heat-movie-poster-467 - Copy

Two hilarious actors with great comedic timing and lots of guns and over the top violence.  This was such a fun movie and I really enjoyed the interaction between Bullock and McCarthy.

Those were some of my favorites.  What were some of yours?


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