Five Favorite TV Shows of 2013


The Hannibal

When I first heard that NBC was doing a show about Hannibal Lecter, I thought that it sounded like a stupid idea and one I was going to skip.  Then I found out that one of the main characters was going to be Will Graham, who I loved.  Who couldn’t love a character whose defining trait was his extreme empathy?  I decided that if the show was 90% Will and 10% Hannibal, I was in.

I got to see the first two episodes as a sneak preview at Wonder Con and was immediately a huge fan.  The show is one of the best uses of dramatic irony that I’ve ever seen.  I love all the characters, and I love the twisted sense of humor that runs throughout the show and the fandom.  This was definitely my favorite show of the whole year.


Orphan Black

I actually had a chance to see Orphan Black at Wonder Con, too, but skipped it because I was tired.  I later mainlined the series and fell in love.  Tatiana Maslany is amazing playing multiple clones each with her own personality and body language.   If you haven’t seen the show, check it out; it’s a real treat.

the blacklist

The Blacklist

At Comic Con, there were huge signs everywhere asking, “Who is Red Reddington.”  I replied I didn’t care.  Then, months (or weeks) later, I found out that James Spader was Red Reddington, and felt that if the Comic Con advertisements had included that little fact, I would have been there (at the panel) in a heartbeat.   The show has its rocky moments, but James Spader is brilliant and I love watching him.

once upon a time

Once Upon a Time

Even when I’m frustrated with Once Upon a Time, I still want to know what happens next.  I imagine that this show will string me along until the happily ever after end.


Doctor Who

I missed quite a few episodes due to rehearsals, but that will just make catching up more fun.  I love Matt Smith, I loved the 50th anniversary (I cheered when Capaldi showed up).  I love this show.

Edited 12/31

I forgot The Fosters!!!!  If I were to rank my favorite shows of the year, this would probably come after Hannibal as my favorite new show.  It’s an ABC Family show about a lesbian couple raising a family (some adopted, one birth child of one of the women, and two foster children brought in on an emergency basis) this show is really well written and acted.  I loved every episode and cannot wait for it to return on January 13.  Seriously, check it out.

the fosters


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