Movie Monday: Hunchback of Notre Dame

So, today is January 6, which is the day that the Festival of Fools is held in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Since it’s also Movie Monday, I thought I’d talk a little big about my love for this movie.


Hunchback of Notre Dame came out in June 1996, which was the summer before my senior year of high school.  It was everything that my seventeen year old self could have wanted in a story at that time.  It told the story of an ugly deformed outcast who wanted to be welcomed by the people he saw around him.  It was also a story about sexuality and sexual repression (and the dangers thereof).  There was another outcast, a woman, willing to stand up for and fight against the oppression of others, at great risk to herself.  And, of course, there was this guy:



Storyteller, trickster, semi-omniscient narrator, Clopin.  This was around the time I was getting really into tricksters, and Clopin fit into that growing obsession nicely. Although, honestly, I wouldn’t have been have so obsessed with Clopin had it not been for the Festival of Fools stage show at Disneyland, which starred Clopin.


Before I became obsessed with the show (and, when I say obsessed, I mean as only a seventeen year old girl with an annual pass, no job, and tons of time to spend at Disneyland can be), it was all about Frollo.  Because, Frollo represented another trope that I’ve always been fascinated with:  the lawful, faithful man who, late in life, finds his sexual desires forcibly awaken by a beautiful woman.  I was later saddened to find that, in the book, Frollo started out as not particularly evil (whereas in the movie, he is always completely totally evil) but one cannot have everything.  I was also excited that he was voiced by Tony Jay, because he was in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and that made him automatically awesome.  (Plus, his voice.)

(Incidentally, Frollo’s moral opposite, the Archdeacon, was voiced by David Ogden Stiers, who was also in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation.  Both of them played temporary love interests of Lawxana Troi.  And they were both in Beauty and the Beast, too.)

As I mentioned yesterday, the music for this movie is beautiful, and the animation was gorgeous, too.   The shots and detail of the cathedral were amazing, and I really hope they released it into theaters again one day just so I can see it on the big screen once again.


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