Artwork Friday

On Friday afternoons, I like to try and do art with my class. Officially, I do this because kids need art, it’s part of the curriculum, they don’t get a lot of art, etc. etc. Really, I do it because by Friday afternoon my mind is so full, that I need something non-academic and creative to do.

One day, I dream of a world where art might be a relaxing thing. Sadly, this hasn’t ever been the case. Especially today, since my class has some bizarre form of spring fever, complete with Student Who Won’t Stop Laughing Like a Serial Killer, I’m Done! Child, and Won’t Stop Talking For Forty Five Minutes Yet Is Upset He Didn’t Finish. But, hey! They got to paint and color and have fun.

We did Kandinsky Circles with watercolors and crayons. The idea came from Mrs. P, Art Explorer’s blog. My class didn’t have watercolor paper, so we used computer paper. I think their favorite part was seeing what color the water turned when they cleaned their brushes.  The Blue table cheered very loudly when they finally got their water to turn blue.




I think they turned out well.  They’re supposed to be hung in the office next week.  I’ll try and get a picture and post.

As a note to me:  buy watercolor paper.  And (maybe) oil pastels.



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