Soundtrack Sunday – Serenity

Serenity (2005) is the feature length continuation of Joss Whedon’s fantastic (and gone much too soon) TV show Firefly.   The soundtrack was composed by David Newman, whose credits include Galaxy Quest, Anastasia, and Duck Tales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.  (Side note, I’m still miffed that “Gene” never showed up on the show after the movie.  What happened to him?).

The Serenity soundtrack is a collection of moments that take you right back into the film, which is exactly what I look for in a soundtrack.  Some of the tracks are jarring and hard to listen to because they’re not very  musical.  It’s more a collection of jarring sounds and chords that evoke the action on the screen.  I think that’s okay, because sometimes, that’s what I want.  And, if I’m not in the mood, I can skip that track.

What I love about the soundtrack is the few haunting passages of music that really dip into the emotion of the movie.  This soundtrack and the Hunger Games soundtrack have, what I feel, is the best evocation of hope and growth that I’ve ever heard.  I love the themes so much, I am going to break tradition and post one of the last tracks first, since it’s my favorite.


That moment when it changes from the memorial into the rebuilding of their lives and Serenity almost always makes me cry (which is one reason I don’t listen to this while driving very often).

And, just because I mentioned it, here’s the part of the Hunger Games that I love Searching for Peeta:

I’ll do a post on the Hunger Games soundtrack (by James Newton Howard) another Sunday.

Going for a Ride is another favorite of mine.  I love the guitar and the driving sound.  It’s a good traveling song.


River Goes Wild is a good example of the kind of jarring, discordant and frantic music that’s not all that comfortable to listen to, but interesting.

Of course, the great downfall of the soundtrack is that it doesn’t have The Ballad of Serenity that was played during the credits.  And that sucks, but it’s on this playlist online, so here it is:

This is cool, too.  I like the very country feel to the song.




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