National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, and, in honor, I’ve decided to post a poem a day for the month.  I’ve been writing poetry since I was a wee tyke, so I’ll have enough for each day and more.  I won’t post the in order of being written, but I am going to start with my earliest known poem.


Also, since I didn’t get around to it yesterday, today I’ll do two.


According by the note my mother wrote on this poem, I wrote it in January of 1986.  I would have been six.



Let bubbles go free.

They are sweet.  They

glide in the sky.

They look like rainbows.

And they are fun to blow.



Monday mornings I want

to stay in bed as long as I can

buried beneath the warm blankets

ignoring my alarm.

Somehow, though, as I stand

waiting for my water to boil

I begin to feel a glimmer of excitement

as I think of all the things

I might accomplish this week

only to have it killed in class by


February 22, 1999


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