Three poems

I really need to remember to queue up posts so I post when I say I will, even when I’m busy. But, since I didn’t here’s the poems for April 8, 9, and 10th.


I go through my day

in a sea of solitude

I am alone

as I want to be alone

Loneliness rarely touches me

for I am a creature

who belongs to herself


sometimes, as I make my way

an island in a sea of people

I long for one to reach out

touch me

know I’m there

and appreciate that fact.

(fall/winter 1999)

Jumping at Shadows

Once on a moonbeam I sat

  alone, cold, alone

I reached for the stars and gained


I grabbed for a comet’s tail and got


Then, I tried jumping at shadows and

there you were

My childhood friend all grown up

arms open wide

Waiting for me on our warm


(1993; this was written about Luke Skywalker from the POV of my OC.  I was in eight grade.)

The Edge of the World

All logic aside

it’s like you are standing at

the edge of the world

The air smells of

stinging salt

And a breeze

messes your hair

Behind you lies

“Real Life”

Before you


It stretched out there

noisy, beautiful, mysterious

And although you know


SOMETHING must lie out there

Logic fails and you face it

feeling as if you are at

the edge of the world

(sometime in the 2000s)


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