Hi there
Do you remember me?
I’m the one off in the corner
Who’s dying to be seen
I’ the one shut in the darkness
Who’s dying for the light
I’m the one who needs attention
And strives with all her might

Do you think of me
When you go home at night?
‘Cause I think of you
Yes, my friend, that’s right
‘Cause we met and talked
And things were really great
But now it’s slowing down
And talk’s been stopping of late

Can’t think of what happened
It really boggles my mind
We were all connected
We were four of a ind
But then we grew
Some were pushed to the side
And how we used to talk
Seems only in my mind

Hi there
Do you remember me?
We used to be the best of friends
When friendship was free
We used to talk together
We claimed to share a brain
Please, tell me what happened
Before I go insane

All alone
Not the place I want to be
All alone
Where there once was three and me
On my own
When I need somebody else
Shut off alone
Crying by myself


(This is actually a song, but I don’t write music or play anything I can sing to (I play the flute) so it’s remained unsung)


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