Book Review: Blackbird by Anna Carey


  Blackbird by Anna Carey was a surprising treat. The plot moves quickly and keeps the reader engaged, wondering what is going to happen and if the nameless heroine will discover who she is and what is going on.

To be honest, I almost didn’t read the book. I got an uncorrected proof at Comic Con,and when I opened it and saw it was written in second person, I closed it and put it back in my bag. However, the first few paragraphs were so intriguing that I had to read more. In this case, the second person works brilliantly. It’s not an attempt to put the reader into the action; it’s simply the best way to show the state of mind of this girl who has absolutely no idea who she is. After awhile, the “you” melted away into the character and it wasn’t unnatural to read.

I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy fast moving plots, intrigue, and female characters fighting to survive against impossible odds. Anna Carey has crafted a brilliant novel, and I hope people enjoy this book as much as I did.


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