Kelly’s Kitten of the Week


I volunteer at the local SPCA every Saturday and every week I fall in love with one (or more) of the animals.  So, I’ve decided to blog about one animal a week.  I’ve chosen “kitten” because I like alliteration, but I won’t guarantee it’s always going to be a feline.  This week it was nearly a rabbit, but I’ve been wanting to talk about Missy since last week, so…

This is Missy.  She’s a four month old kitten who is super playful and sweet.  I like her because she reminds me of Missy from Doctor WhoDoctor-Who-Michelle-gomez-600x337

They both wear a lot of eyeliner.  They are both also completely awesome.  Unlike Doctor Who Missy, kitten Missy isn’t evil.  She does however have an arch-nemesis.


This is Lefty.  Lefty is two months old and was just recently put out on the floor with is brothers and sisters.  They’ve all been adopted, leaving Lefty behind.  He’s very sweet (and tiny!) and Missy just won’t leave him alone.  Kind of like Missy and the Doctor.

Anyway, Missy caught my attention by climbing onto my shoulders and cuddling up behind my neck.  I love when kittens do that.  I won’t be back next week, so I hope that Missy finds her home before I get back.

ETA 12/21/14

I checked the SPCA website today and Missy is no longer listed, so I guess she found her home today!!!


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