Kelly’s Cat of the Week

Good news! For the first time since I’ve started volunteering at the SPCA, there is one room devoid of cats and two rooms with just one cat in them.  Altogether there were only 13 cats.  I don’t think there’s ever been so few!  And only 3 kittens (it’s been a heavy kitten season).

My cat of the week is Adrienne.



Adrienne was put on the floor yesterday and she hasn’t quite adjusted to her new environment.  She spent most of the day hiding beneath a blanket; a couple of times, she wrapped it around her like a burrito so she could just ignore the few people who were there.

adrienne under blanket

However, she was receptive to being pet and being given treats.  She even relaxed enough to purr.  She’s so sweet and so beautiful with these big, blue eyes.  I know she’s going to make someone a very loving cat.  I hope she finds her home soon.


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