Cat of the Week

leo is a big cat

This is Leo.  Leo is an eight year old sweetie who loves to be pet.  Leo also weighs 23 pounds.


He is a very big cat.  His favorite thing to do most of the day was sit on the carpet and look out the window until someone came into pet him.  I tried giving him catnip, hoping it’d get him to move, but…

leo 23 pounds

Leo on catnip was slightly more affectionate than Leo not on catnip.  Luckily, Leo is in one of the two roomed colonies, so I got him to walk between the rooms by promising to pet him.  I’d go into the back room and called him; he’d come and be scratched.  I’d go into the front room and call him, he’d go to be scritched.  He really liked that game.  I hope the volunteers on other days continue the game.  Or the family who was looking at him decides to come back and adopt him.

My second favorite animals this week were two 10 year old poodle siblings named Junior and Princess.  They were the sweeties, most polite, cuddliest dogs I’ve ever dealt with.  If I was in any way able to adopt dogs, I’d definitely take them home.  Sadly, I didn’t get a picture, because they spent most of our time together (when we weren’t walking) on my lap and I coudn’t get my phone.

I did get a picture of the emu who moved in this morning.  It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’ve never seen a live emu before.  It was cool.



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