Book Review – The Quick

So, I’d never heard of this book before I saw it mentioned on a blog and thought it sounded interesting.  I didn’t know that there was a surprise twist in it; I knew going in what I was getting.  So, I’m reviewing it without keeping the “surprise” hidden.  If you want to remain surprised, stop reading now.

Everyone still here?  Okay, good.

the quick

Aspiring poet James Norby moves from his crumbling Yorkshire home to London to pursue his dreams. There, he reconnects with fellow Oxford alum, with whom he strikes up a romance.  This romance is cut tragically short when the pair are attacked by vampires and James becomes an unwilling member of the mysterious Aegolius Club.  From there, it’s up to his sister, Charlotte, who teams up with a pair of rogue vampire hunters, to rescue her poor brother from a fate worse than death.

I really enjoyed this novel. Generally, I’m all for romantic, humanized vampires who blend into society, but the vampires in this novel were alien and unsettling, and it was wonderful.  I enjoyed the entire cast of characters, from the eternal children to the misguided scientist who wants to understand how vampires works.  I especially liked Charlotte and was pleased when, after a long absence, she showed up and took charge of the narrative.

This appears to be the first in a series, and I will definitely snap up the sequel as soon as possible.


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