Cat of the Week

We are down to nine cats at the shelter right now, and although all of them are sweet and loveable and worth of Cat of the Week status (particularly Toby, a black and white poly-dactyl cat with a black nose who is the sweetest, cuddliest lap cat ever), I did not get a picture of any of them.  (I did break up a guinea pig fight, though.  Well.  I saw them fighting and told the front desk they were being scary.  Apparently, at one point, they were humping each other [both were males] but that was not what they were doing.  I said they were doing their best impression of the “Watership Down” bunnies, but I don’t think anyone got the reference).

Anyway, in lieu of a shelter cat, enjoy some pictures of my beloved cat, Brycee.


Brycee is an eight year old Main Coon.  I got her my first year of teaching.  One of my students owned her, but the family was looking to rehome her because she was afraid of their dogs.  I’d been looking to adopt a cat (and had just tried, but it didn’t work out because the cat I adopted was dying), so Brycee was offered up to me.  We’ve been happy every since.

CIMG2751  CIMG3005 End of Year 2 010 siblings

The last picture is Brycee and Cobbler together.  I’ll post more pictures of Cobbler another time.


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