Review – Predator One

predator one

What could go wrong by combining drones with autonomous vehicles?  In Joe Ledger’s world, everything.  It starts with a seemingly harmless prank at the opening day of the new baseball season, but quickly turns to chaos and horror.  And it keeps getting worse.
Predator One is the seventh Joe Ledger novel that started with Patient Zero.  As always, they face a seemingly unconquerable enemy on a rapidly changing  playing field.  This book was extremely intense.  One disaster after another befell the DMS, but it never felt contrived or “disaster theaterish”.  The DMS fell under attack by a perpetual chaos machine, albeit one that was extremely targeted.

I liked seeing old faces.  When I realized who the Gentleman was (early one), I got excited, because I knew that meant one of my favorite bit players, Toys, was going to appear (which he did in the next chapter).  Maberry has a knack for creating vivid characters with distinct personalities, and I’ve enjoyed the arcs that a lot of the side characters (such as Toys) have gone through.  (I do wish some of Echo squad would get such similar development; Joe has changed through the series, but the rest sort of remain featureless to me.)

I enjoyed this novel a lot more than Code Zero, although it did feel a little bit like filler.  I honestly thought it was going to end on a cliffhanger.  The main plot was resolved, and a lot happened, but, at the same time, not a lot was moved forward, if that makes sense. However it was a great read and  I can’t wait for  Kill Switch comes out.


Cobbler says two paws up!


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