Review: Hot by Julia Harper


I won this book in a giveaway sponsored by GoodReads.

When two bumbling burglars hold up the bank, bank-teller Turner Hastings takes the opening to do what she’s been waiting for: grab the evidence to clear her wrongfully accused uncle of embezzlement.  When her daring doesn’t pay off, she goes on the run, determined to see it through. The wrench in her plans is Agent John MacKinnon, the federal agent hot on her tail.

This was an entertaining read.  I liked the interplay between Turner and MacKinnon.  In the first half of the book, they communicate in a series of phone calls with cute interplay.  There’s a strong attraction between them and they clearly enjoy the battle of wits and the chase.  I felt things sort of slowed down once they met and had sex.  The banter toned down and the characters kind of felt more flat.  I came away from the book realizing that I didn’t know really anything about the characters outside of the surface and the adventure.  I did like the plot and the antagonist.  I hated the two bank robbers.  Any scene with them was excruciating and painfully unfunny to read.  It was a black spot on an otherwise charming book.


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