Book Review: The Happiness Project by Gretch Rubin

happiness project

The Happiness Project began when Gretchen Rubin realized that, no, one day she was not going to magically outgrow her limitations and become the perfect version of herself.  It was something she would have to work for.  She wanted to be happy with her life.  So, she decided to do something about it.  This memoir of her year tracking her resolutions and goals is the result.

This book was a really fun read.  I enjoyed reading about the different things Rubin valued and the steps she went about to increase her happiness. Each month, she focused on a different area, such as work, marriage, and books, and then made resolutions (quit nagging, launch a blog, make time).  Each chapter is a month during which she posts anecdotes, blog entries (and comments) and ruminations. In the end, she realized that what helped her most of all was tracking her resolutions with her chart.  All her little steps along the way were important to increasing her happiness, but tracking her resolutions and her commitment to them helped keep her on track.

I love reading books about projects people set for themselves.  This was a fun read and it made me think about things I could do to increase my happiness.  I like that, in the end, everything is something that can be incorporated into everyday life.  (Like exercise more.  I decided to take a walk by the beach today.  It made me happy)



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