Back in the Classroom Again

Today was my first unofficial day back at school.  Technically, I don’t have to go back until Wednesday, but later year I spent almost ten hours in my classroom on the last Friday before (and then straight to rehearsal for “The Arsonists”), and I did not want to repeat that experience.  Besides.  I’m kind of excited to go back.  New year, new principal, new opportunities.

I didn’t take any pictures of my room.  The rugs were shampooed over the summer, so everything was in the wrong place.  Plus, spiders have taken residence and created an intricate design of webs. I’m talking Mission Impossible and Entrapment complicated.Within seconds, I was covered.  I still don’t think I’ve cleared it all out. Then, since everything was in a different place anyway, I decided to rearrange some stuff.  New year, new start.

I did make one thing.  It’s a crate bench, for the kids to sit on and store books.  I got the idea from Briana at Sun, Sand & Second Grade.  Here’s what hers looks like:

crate benc

Mine probably won’t hold up very well.  My crates have more spaces in them and I had to cut the cushions down.  But, I think it turned out well.  I’ll try to remember to post a picture of it tomorrow.

ETA my seat


I also constructed my clip chart (behavior).  Sadly, I don’t know when I’ll be able to laminate it, because they are redoing the teacher’s lounge AND the office, and the lamination machine is being stored in the  cafeteria.  Along with the copy machine.  (And the toilets). A week before school begins.

ETA my clip chart


Seven more days!!


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