First Day!!

This week flew by so quickly!  I moment, I was in a room that was completely backward from how I left it, the next, I was walking out ready for the students on Monday.

A few pictures.  Here is my room at the end of the day on Monday:IMG_0287

This is the board where I post my students’ writing (behind the TV).  This board stayed up from last year.  The only thing I added were my clothespins that I made a couple weeks ago.  I had some break as I was putting them up, so I was a few short.

IMG_0294IMG_0295This is my ELA focus wall.  I tend not to put up the title of the story, instead focusing on the skills and strategies anchor charts as well as word work.  I also moved my alphabet down lower.  It used to be at the top of the board, but at every workshop I’ve been to, they’ve said to put the letters where the kids are.  Later this week, I’m going to have them get a letter and line up in ABC order.

IMG_0290The crate seat that I made.  I think it turned out well.  There’s a tub of books I don’ t use with second graders next to it. I might make a cushion for that, too.

IMG_0288The beginning of my clip chart.  I tried to use the color suggestions given by Rick Morris, but didn’t have all the right colors.  So, I improvised.  I think it turned out well:IMG_0297

I just need to laminate it and buy more clothespins.  Unfortunately, since they’re redoing out teachers’ lounge and office, the laminating machine has been put away.  At least we finally have toilets again, though!


The nearly finished “Out of Room” board.  I’ve since added a ribbon and the passes to one side.

This is what the room looks like now:

IMG_0306Storage for our Eagle Dollars, are school wide reward system.  Every time a student is Safe, On-Task, has an Attitude to Achieve, or is Respectful, they can earn an Eagle Dollar.  Every other Friday, students with 5 or more dollars get to go to the store to shop.  They love it!  Last year, I had them keep track of their own at the desks.  While they students were very responsible with their dollars, it got a little messy.  This year, we have a central place for them.

IMG_0301 IMG_0298So, that’s my room for the year!  I’ve got my lesson plans all done, class lists made out, most of my copies for the week.  All I need now are the kids!


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