Exhausted but triumpant

I made it through my first week!  The class is great!  Still a little talkative, but they did a fantastic job this morning working independently while I pulled students for assessments.

I started the week by reading Decibella and Her 6-inch Voice by Julie Cook to help kids understand voice levels.  I also made a poster that I refer to before sending them to work:

IMG_0314It’s helped in the classroom, although we still need a lot of practice on 6-inch voices (especially in the afternoon).  Now, we just need to work on using it in the lunchroom.

I only had one morning crier all week!

And now, a nice, relaxing weekend before doing it all again.

first day of school pic

first day of school pic



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2 responses to “Exhausted but triumpant

  1. Well done on getting through your first week! I love the poster you made – super cute 🙂

    • Thank you! I was very critical of it when I was making it, but kept reminding myself it didn’t have to be *perfect*. The end result made me so happy. The kids really seem to like it, too.

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