Cat of the Week – A bunch of cats

IMG_0338 - Copy There were so many cats today at the shelter, I couldn’t decide who to feature.  So, I took pictures of almost everyone in colony 2.  First is Frankie.  I was unable to get a shot of his beautiful blue eyes, but even without them, Frankie is gorgeous.

IMG_0340Here are Caspian and Cassie, hanging out on the chairs.

IMG_0339 - CopyMissy, who was a little cranky, guarding her favorite toy from Rider (the escape artist) and Smokey.

IMG_0344IMG_0341Misty was in a different room, but I love this shot.

We adopted three cats while I was there: on adult and two kittens.  I believe the adult was FIV positive, so that was a win.  He was only there three weeks before finding his forever home!

My cat, Brycee, who is 11 years old, was very active and playing this morning. The minute she saw I had started to record her, she stopped, sat up, and refused to play.  *sigh*  One day, I’ll get her without her knowing.



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