Cats of the Week – Tea and Captain


This is Tea.  Tea is a loving, friendly kitty with a serious case of happy feet.  He likes playing with feathers and chasing after balls.  He does not seem to be so fond of baseball caps for some reason.  I hope whoever adopts him doesn’t have a fondness for them.

Tea also has a nifty little bowtie.


This is Captain.

IMG_0352 Captain is a kitten.  I think he’s about four months.  He has incredibly sharp claws (got me through my pants!) and is very athletic.  He just got moved out of a condo and into a colony, so thankfully, he has a lot of room to move around.  And other kittens to play with, too!

This adorable baby kitten is one of his roommates.  I’m not sure of his name, but he is so tiny and and so cute.  I love him!

IMG_0353This was my last day at the shelter for awhile.  Next week, I start rehearsals for the play “Tortilla Curtain.”  Until its over (or on days I don’t have rehearsals) cat of the week will either be suspended, my cats, or random cats I meet.


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