What I’m Reading Wednesday

I finally found out who hosts this meme: Taking on a World of Words.  So, thanks for the meme!  I really enjoy doing it.

www wednesdayWhat I just finished reading:

I just finished Deadfall by Anna Carey.  My full review is here.  Short version: I really enjoyed it, but it felt rushed and I wish there had been more time to explore characters and plot.

What I’m reading now:

Blood and Ice by Robert Masello.  Michael Wilde, a journalist, is trying to reenter life after a tragedy.  He agrees to go to the South Pole for a story for his magazine.  While there, he finds a man and a woman, bound by chains, frozen in a block of ice.  When the ice begins to melt, and the bodies begin to thaw, the horror truly begins.

I’m really liking this book.  The pacing reminds me of Michael Crichton, where it seems to be straight forward science fiction and then devolves into horror.  I’m not quite at the horror part yet, but the bodies have thawed and the body count has just started going up. I can’t wait to read more.

What I’m reading next:

Plague Town and Plague Nation by Dana Fredsti.  (And maybe Plague World, which I just found out existed.)  I read Plague Town last year and really enjoyed it.  I was at a bookstore over the weekend and thought to look for the sequel.  Before I read it, though, I’ll have to refresh my memory of the first.


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