Book review: Bood and Ice by Robert Masello

blood and iceThis review contains slight spoilers.

Trying to put his life together after a tragedy, journalist Michael Wilde journeys to the South Pole.  At the bottom of the world, he hopes to find a story and begin his life again.  Then, on a routine dive, he discovers makes an amazing discovery: a man and woman, bound together by chains, frozen in a block of ice.  He expects nothing more than a fantastic story from the discovery; perhaps some fame.  But nothing could prepare him for what would happen once the bodies were free.

This book is about vampires, which is why I read it.  I thought the idea was incredibly interesting: vampires frozen in ice, thawed out hundreds of years later in a place with a limited food supply.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to be straight up horror or more paranormal (which is what it turned out to be), but I was interested in how it would play out.

The set up to the book is very well written.  The characters are well drawn, the journey to the pole compelling, and then descriptions of life in Antarctica were fascinating.  However, I felt the book never really paid off.  It had a long, detailed set up, but nothing ever seemed to go anywhere.  I also found the ending disappointing.  However, I might give the book another chance just because I did like the characters and world building so much.  Maybe on a second read through, it will be more satisfying.


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