Book Review – Winter


Princess Winter, the stepdaughter of the evil Lunar queen, Levana, is beautiful, kind, and gentle.  She’s also insane due to her refusal to use her “Lunar gift”, which gives her the ability to manipulate others’ biochemistry into believing whatever she wants.  However, despite her insanity, Winter is determined to help her long lost friend, Princess Selene, better known as Cinder, the rogue cyborg from Earth, regain her throne and defeat Levana for good.

Winter, by Marissa Meyer, is the last book in the Lunar Chronicles.  It wraps up what began in Cinder and continued in Scarlet and Cress.  The story of four very different women, Winter does a good job of furthering their characters and wrapping up the plot in a satisfying way.  It’s a huge book, coming in just over 800 pages. n


I liked how terrifying the Lunar society is.  It was also satisfyingly difficult for Cinder and her friends to accomplish their task and each woman was pushed to their limits.  While each romance was satisfactorily concluded, I do wish that Cress and Thorne could have had more time devoted to them.  I found myself not as interested in Winter herself, and while it was necessary to spend time on her in the story, I got to the end wishing their had been more of Cress and sort of resenting Winter for it.  Poor Winter.


I really love this series and highly recommend it to others.  It’s an exciting reimagining of four beloved fairy tails and the characters are strong, well developed women who were a pleasure to know.



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