Book Review: Career of Evil

career of evil

Robin Ellacott, assistant and maybe-partner to private detective, Cormoran Strike, signs for a package outside the office one day.  To her immense shock, instead of items for her impending wedding, inside is a woman’s leg.  Strike can think of four men who might send him a leg.  Together, he and Robin begin narrowing the list down, investigating the men from Strike’s past, each with their own motive for murdering and dismembering a woman as revenge on Strike.  They must race against the clock as the murderer draws closer, this time, his knives intent on Robin.

I really enjoyed this book.  It was a slow paced and took its time to explore the suspects and their pasts.  I liked seeing Robin’s increasing competence in the world of detecting and appreciated getting more backstory on her.  I don’t remember if it was revealed in previous books that she’d always been drawn to police work, but the reminder (or, in my case, revelation) helped me understand more about her character and her interests.  I like the way she and Cormoran work together and their easy camaraderie.

I had some dislikes about the novel, too.  I know all the books have had scenes from the side of the villain, but they really didn’t work for me in this book.  I get why they were included, but it dragged down the pace and frustrated instead of intrigued me.  I am also so, so tired of the drama with Matthew.  I hope, but don’t think, that it will end with this book.  To me, it really puts a damper on the story overall.  I wish Robin would just dump him and be done with it.

Overall, it was a great read and a really solid book.  I look forward to reading more adventures of Robin and Strike.


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